Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ever leap outside your comfort zone?

Ready? One, two, three ... leap!

The thing about taking that figurative leap is that you may expect to stick the landing, but usually you don't. Sound familiar?

If you follow this blog, you'll see lots of hype over the recent re-release of the first novel I wrote, Going Barefoot in Greener Grass. In it, main characters, Bethany and Olivia dare to go outside their comfort zones with mixed results and plenty of page-turning drama. While it makes for entertaining reading, I can relate to their stress in real life as well. Every time I put something I created out there, I cringe inside. This voice, I call Felicia (why? see below), likes to warn me that I may look like a fool, that people will be rolling their eyes behind my back and how much better it would be if I just binge watched shows on Netflix like everyone else in the world is apparently doing.

Side story, totally related - Once someone dared me to do a front flip off a real diving board. Let's just say I learned first hand about a back flop and it wasn't pretty. I'm talking it looked like a giant hand slapped me. I mean, I had Olympic form in the air. You know, right until, the water was directly beneath me. Then, I smacked onto the surface where I swear I floated for a few seconds before sinking slowly into the depths.

Anyway, my recent re-release was a fun leap through the air. As for the landing, well, let's just say, I'm overwhelmingly thankful for the support of my family and friends and leave it at that. Since I was feeling back flopped in regards to the bestseller lists I went on an internet search for some virtual pampering.

Here's what I found - It's really all about the leap. The landing is unpredictable. The most important thing is what you're doing is worth taking that leap over and over again. While I never wanted to join the dive team (especially at middle age -yikes), my writing is worth taking this leap over and over again. Do I wish to land on a major book deal? Yes, but that's not the point. It's all about the feeling in the air. How do I know such sage advice? I learned it from two ladies who know a thing or two about leaping and landings, Elizabeth Gilbert of "Eat Pray Love" fame plus author of the recently released Big Magic and Dr. Brene Brown, expert on vulnerability, being brave and author of Rising Strong.

Here's the podcast which inspired this post:

As for that little voice I call Felicia that begs me to encase my comfort zone around me like bubble wrap, I tell her,"Bye, Felicia," just like this movie clip that's been getting a cult following:

What about you? Do you have a story about leaping outside your comfort zone? I'd love to hear about it in the comments! Or on my Facebook Page! Let's start a discussion ...

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