Friday, April 29, 2016

I'm done using ADULT as a verb even though I don't want to ADULT today!

I can't adult today tumbler:
From Huffpost: 21 Brutally Honest Coffee Mugs That Nail Your Morning Struggle
This whole adult thing. Ugh. Right? Waking up early. Being responsible. Putting the wrong lunch in the wrong kid's lunch bag. Wishing your laundry would fold itself and the lottery fairy would pay all your bills and you didn't have to be in three places with three different kids at the exact same time. I can't  adult today! 

(There, I said it. I thought I could refrain, but no. As offensive as it is to my grammatically correct mind, I'm jumping on the bandwagon using adult as a verb and I like it!)

How about you? Done with adulting too?

 I kind of want to young-adult it today, though. You know, that magical time when you could drink and thought you had responsibilities but really they paled in comparison with what you just took care of before 9am this morning? 

So, while I wasn't adulting and slurping down some wine (which now that I think about it sounds very much like being an adult) - I mean, sipping on some Kool Aid, I started thinking about this blog or the verb form of it, blogging. And, I discovered something interesting. I don't feel like blogging anymore. Blog, bog, blah-og. It was fun for a while, but let's be honest, I'm not in danger of going viral. Trust me. I tried the whole viral thing and it wasn't pleasant. Plus, my blog posts didn't get a lot of attention either. 

Mermaids. And, might I say, mermaiding - defined as living one's life as a mermaid. No, not me. I get terrible swim ear even if I look at the water. But that's the theme of my next novel - mermaiding. Which isn't getting written because I'm blogging and worrying about blogging and now you see the problem!

Not my last post, but close. This post is probably not the last one ever, but it's darn close to it. You'll know it's my last post ever because I'm going to name the post "The Last Post Ever" and then you'll know for sure. If you're one of my tens of loyal readers, (Hi Mom!), thank you for your readership! If you're super sad, you can start a hashtag #savetheblog or #AudrySayItIsn'tSo or #SnapOutOfItAndBlogAlready! Otherwise, it's #I'mDoneAdultingLet'sBeMermaids for me. I'll be the one lounging on the beach with a margarita.

Done with adulting? Me, too! Run away with me to and let's escape into a great read. 
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