Friday, March 18, 2016

I need a Pedicure and You need this Book!

Recently I flashed my toes in public and it wasn't pretty. You see, I decided last minute to attend a two hour Zumba class in the name of charity. When my friend asked me on a Friday whether I wanted to wake up early the next morning, as in Saturday morning, as in be there at 8am, as in get out of bed for a workout class, I told her absolutely no freaking way. Then Saturday morning rolled around and I was wide awake at six in the morning - which never, ever happens. I cursed my friend for her guilt trip, got into my too snug workout gear and went to the class. As it turned out, it wasn't just Zumba. It was also this hellish thing called High Intensity Kill-Me-Now which was followed by a lethargic Yoga Session.

Here's where my toes made an unplanned public appearance - the yoga session. Not only were my feet in full on nobody's going to see them winter-mode, but they beared remnants of the fuzzy socks I slept in the night before. Don't even try to imagine it. It wasn't my finest moment.

So where's all this heading? Well, like I said, I need a pedicure and you, my friend, need this book. What book? Oh, only the much anticipated, eagerly awaited re-release of the professionally edited, now available in more places than I knew existed ...

Why should you get Barefoot?

Because it feels great to be barefoot! I'll tell you, fuzzy, unpainted toes or not, I was darn glad to air out my tootsies at the end of my charitable workout. Here's a weird segway, but go with me. Sometimes it's just as oddly freeing and satisfying to sit back and escape into an entertaining read! GOING BAREFOOT IN GREENER GRASS is perfect for when you're in the mood for a pair of jealous friends and crazy, funny scenes. Ah! Now that's better!

So, what's it about?

For best friends, Olivia and Bethany, life looks a whole lot better on the other side of the picket fence. Olivia has the home, a husband and three lovely children. Bethany leads an exciting life of adventure as a travel writer. Each woman wants what the other one has and takes for granted. On a girls’ get-away to the Jersey Shore, tensions reach their breaking point (in the most hilarious manner). Kick off your shoes for a fun ride with relatable characters that'll make you say, "I know how that feels", humor filled scenes and unexpected plot twists!

How about a free first chapter?

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Wondering if other people read it and liked it?

They did! Here's what people are saying about Going Barefoot in Greener Grass (and these reviews are when the novel wasn't yet professionally edited):

"I found that it flowed very nicely and kept my interest (so much so that I felt like an addict and could hardly wait to get back to it); even while two kids were running around screaming, my husband watching TV and my dog barking - - I still wanted more! After reading it my immediate thought was that it reminded me of a mix between My Big Fat Greek Wedding & Moonstruck."

"I couldn't put it down once I started reading and then was sad it was over."

"It was well written and so easy to relate to the wonderful characters as they experienced the ups and downs of everyday life. Each time I read of their joys and struggles I thought "I know how that feels". I don't think that there's anyone who hasn't thought that "the grass might be greener"!"

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Let's Get Barefoot!

Thanks to Draft2Digital, Going Barefoot in Greener Grass is available on Kindle, at Barnes&Noble, and through Scribd., Apple iTunes, Inktera and Kobo. 

Ok, Friends, I'm off to schedule that pedicure! Happy reading!

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