Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Somebody Call a … Nurse!?! (Book Review Time!)

Ever since a nurse risked life and limb by throwing her body across the hospital room door to prevent my hasty departure moments after I had checked in as a woman in labor with her first child, I have been extra fond of those fearless, caring women (and men) in the nursing profession.

“That’s it. I’ve had enough of this,” I said when the contractions turned from fun and exciting to wretched and horrible. 

Somehow I thought running and screaming down the hallway, hospital gown flapping in the breeze, into the elevator and out to the car would squelch those first true rumbles of debilitating gut wrenching pain.

“Did you take a birthing class?”  My nurse asked, I assume in desperation.

“Yes,” I said still poised to bowl her over, if necessary. 

“Do you remember what you learned?”  She asked and managed to say it in a calm voice.

So much patience this saintly woman had, especially when I replied, “Not one thing!” 

Book Review Time!
In honor of this nurse on duty the night prior to having my son (who provided me with the ability to take very necessary calming breaths while I waited for the Demerol to kick in) and to all nurses everywhere, I present to you Caring Lessons: A Nursing Professor's Journey of Faith and Self by Lois Roelofs. 

In this touching memoir, the twists and turns of pursuing a career in the medical field, balancing the demands of a family and the unexpected struggles of life are described in an entertaining and inspiring manner.  This is a story for all women, not simply those in the field of nursing, as it touches upon themes we all can relate.  I would recommend this read for anyone who appreciates an insightful memoir.    


Lois Roelofs describes herself as a rebellious minister’s daughter, a reluctant nurse, a restless mom, and a perpetual student who eventually became a fun-loving teacher of mental health nursing.  During her forty year nursing career, she cared for patients and taught nursing students in primarily mental health and medical-surgical settings.  As a caregiver, she learned the value of caring for herself and did so by changing jobs to suit her interests, going back to school more than once to feed her crave for learning, and seeking professional help when personal and family crisis invaded her life.

You will be amused, saddened and inspired as you read this intimate and introspective memoir.  Plus you will learn the importance of faith, family and friendship-whatever your profession-and come away with a new appreciation for caring for yourself as well as caring for others.


May is National Nurses Month including National RN Day on the 6th, National Nurses Week 6th-12th and Florence Nightingale’s birthday on the 12th.

Find today’s featured author, Lois Roelofs, online at

And you can glimpse excerpts of Caring Lessons at

Lois lives in Chicago and her website is worth checking out, if nothing else, simply for the top banner picture of springtime in the windy city.  Ten points if you find her book propped up on a stand in the photo.

Happy Easter to my wonderful, fantastic readers!!!


  1. Hi Audry! I'm here because Lois told me to! On her website, she mentioned that you are the 2nd blog tour host in the same day >>>>> the other one is me! I am definitely becoming one of your followers. You have a great blog and your book review is perfect. (I also LOVE your background with the scrumptious looking coffee. Too bad we don't have "scratch 'n sniff" images yet! :)

    1. Hi Becky!
      Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is terrific and I'm looking forward to reading your review of Caring Lessons next week.
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