Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Shared It Like a Good Apple with a Badass Attitude!

Announcing the winner of 
Septem-bah's Super Easy, 
You're Going Love Me For It - I just know it, Chance-To-Win!!!

For sharing it like a good apple with a badass attitude, Angie White Rogers is winner of a $15 Starbucks Card!  

Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to share SECRETS, LIES AND APPLE PIES on your Facebook page. You are all awesome for helping me find new readers! 

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I love my readers! 
Thank you all so much!!!! 

Beach read season is over! Now what? How about a juicy novel with a spicy Fall setting? Yes, please!

When a random text message appears on her husband’s phone from Josephine, a friend as close as family, Braeburn thinks little of invading Reed’s privacy …until she reads it, “Whatever you do, don’t tell Braeburn.” This trust threatening message combined with an unseasonably early snowfall dangerously coating the country roads near her small Pennsylvania town of Scarlet’s Mill, sends Braeburn careening out of control in more heart pounding ways than one. 

Now, baking apple pies for her sister’s business – despite being horrible at preparing a homemade pie crust – may be Braeburn’s only hope for recovery. Since moving into the farmhouse with her mother at the Scarlet family’s orchard, Braeburn has been tormented by questions surrounding the events on the day of her accident. What was Josephine hiding? Was her entire marriage based on one big lie? And, what are you waiting for? Your next read for Fall is right here: Kindle or Nook!

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