Thursday, September 3, 2015

How This Procrastinator Spent Her Summer

Oh crap, it's September! Thus ending my procrastination vacation.

It seems like only yesterday, my kids and I were picking strawberries. Of course, that was when the days were lost in endless rays of sunshine and I was celebrating finishing my third novel by deciding to take a break before jumping into the editing process. (Ah, sweet memories of strawberry shortcake and whipped cream.)

I thought about starting my fourth novel. I actually came up with a story idea. But then, there were movies to see: Inside Out and Minions. Plus, it seemed like it was everybody's birthday including my twin's ninth birthday which meant a trip to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

I opened and promptly closed the file for How Lucy Got Lucky. How could I edit when we when heading to the Delaware Seashore for the week?

Never too late to procrastinate.
All the other days seem to be a blur between swimming in our temporary, waist-high, bought at Wal-Mart pool and evening campfires.

Do I regret my procrastination vacation?
Not one bit. Spending quality time with my family made it all worth it. Plus, it gave my mind time to breathe and rejuvenate. Now, as it's time to get back to chasing my big author dreams, I'm tempted to skip the return flight home. I figure fear of promoting my work and risking rejection may be the culprit. Better pack my bags and head to the motivation station. (See what I did there? Ha!)

Annnnnd that brings us to ...
September. It's like an unofficial new year. I've already started making resolutions. Have I started doing them? Sure, right after I'm done buying school supplies. Oh, and Riley needs a treat!

Look deep into those puppy dog eyes.
They're begging you to visit
Don't Procrastinate! Go now!
A novel of delicious deceptions

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