Friday, September 11, 2015

I want to dance like Uma Thurman

C'mon, do it with me. The parted-fingers-across-your-eyes dance. Yep, feeling it. And, you'll be feelin' it, too, if you win a $15 Starbucks Card. Details below.

(Quick side Note: I wrote this post after listening to Fall Out Boy's new hit song.)


"Bah" as in back-to-school, back-to packing lunches, back-to soccer/dance/scouts not to mention "Parent Night" filling up every free gem of my time. Bah! Someone buy me a pumpkin latte!

Who named her kid, Apple?

Trivia Time! No, it wasn't Uma Thurman, but none other than Gwyneth Paltrow.

Check out my miniature apple trees:

Two years ago, as I was finishing writing SECRETS, LIES AND APPLE PIES, I was flipping through a garden catalog (probably at somebody's soccer practice) and Whoa-Nelly, I came across a listing for two trees with the same apple-y names as the characters in my novel. Chills, right?

This year my little Braeburn and Gala trees have a few apples on them! I'm so excited I'm working the Uma Thurman dance one more time.

Time to bake a pie?

I'll need a few more apples. In the meantime, I'm baking some fun, exciting chances-to-win. Want in? Of course, you do!

Here's Septem-bah's Super Easy, You're Goin' Love Me For It - I just know it, Chance-To-Win:

 One lucky reader can dance like Uma Thurman with one hand and sip her free pumpkin latte in the other! You could score a $15 Starbucks Card simply by liking and sharing a Facebook post. See, super easy. I told ya you're gonna love me for it.

Gimme the details ...

Go to Audry Fryer, Author on Facebook and "like" my page (if you haven't already). There you'll see a post about the chance-to-win/Secrets, Lies and Apple Pies post. Like it, SHARE IT and you're in! The winner will announced on September 23rd (which just happens to be the first day of Autumn around these parts.)

EASY and YOU'LL LOOK SUPER-SMART TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS! I mean, you're sharing one delicious read. (Take a bite, I mean a look: on KINDLE or on NOOKAnd you're among the first to discover it before it becomes a bestseller and then a movie starring Uma Thurman or Gyneth Paltrow or someone like that. And (let's just assume you won), you'll be the envy of everyone in line at Starbucks who has to pay for their cup of steaming serenity. And I'll be forever grateful for your kind act of sharing my work, so you'll score karma points from the universe (if you're into that sort of thing.)

Did someone say, "FREE"? 

Everyone deserves a test drive. And here's the keys: click here!
Yep! Enjoy the first chapter of SECRETS, LIES AND APPLE PIES for .... FREE! Sweeeeet!
(Psst - it's under one of the top tabs. Bonus, there's one for Going Barefoot in Greener Grass, too.)

Why can't we be friends?
We can! We can be like ... like "pen pals". Remember those?
Check out my website: and *sign-up!
The next chance-to-win is awesome! Ooo, but it's a secret. To be revealed in my next newsletter ...

(*I promise I won't clog your e-mail box with desperate pleas to buy my books or share your address or throw a virtual pie in your face.  - that last one's more funny after you read the book. Nope. None of that. Only a newsletter, from time to time, to let you know the awesome ways I plan to entertain you with page-turning stories and fabulous freebies, giveaways and chances to win!)

Thanks Friends! Now, go to Audry Fryer, Author & share with wild abandon like these two!

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