Friday, February 20, 2015

Ira Glass and the "Gap"

Quick! What do do think of when I say, "Gap"?

Is it this? Image result for The Gap 
Or this toothy gap? Image result for The Gap

How about this gap? Image result for delaware water gap 

Or even, yikes, "thigh gap"? (This blank space is the picture. The model's legs are to the left and right of your screen.)

I bet you never heard of this gap. (If you did, bonus points for you!) 

This is stuck on to my wall above my desk as a reminder that I've "just gotta fight [my] way through."

I made two major discoveries after happening upon this quote while scrolling through the newsfeed on Facebook.

Discovery #1 - Aha! I'm digging my way out of a gap.

When I started my first novel, I did it for fun and to see if I really could do it. Then, I wrote my second novel to see if I could do it better. Then, I realized if I  wanted to do this as a career, I better learn how to sell books. The entire task seemed like an uphill climb that I surely could manage with a steady pace of acquired knowledge. I hadn't anticipated what would follow. You see, an odd thing occured. The more I learned, the more the fog lifted on the incline above me until I realized I was standing in the valley of Everest wearing only running shoes and equipped with only a water bottle and a granola bar.

So, here I am in this valley or "gap" and I see this quote. It seems like just the advice I need. This guy seems like he knows a thing or two. And then, I wonder, "Who is Ira Glass?"
(I honestly never heard of him ... I'm sorry to say.)

Discovery #2 - Ira Glass, according to Wikipedia, is "an American public radio personality and the host and producer of the radio and television show This American Life."

And, as I researched him further, I landed upon a few more notable quotes, that seemed to follow up on the first one:

Ira glass writing quote.     Ira glass writing quote

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