Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Redemption of the Golden Egg

Ah, sweet victory one year later!  

(For the back story, check out  "That Bitch Stole My Golden Egg" from last year: and then follow the link at the end to hop back here.)

Another year, another salon sponsored adult egg hunt with the chance of fabulous prizes (up to $500 gift card) and a brand new plan.  I brought my husband, my dad and my brothers and informed them that a winning prize egg would save them big bucks on salon services we (as in myself, my mom and my sister-in-laws) were going to have done anyway.  Plus, a winning egg basically guarantees a happy wife which as the saying goes means happy life.  With the motivation in place, it was "go time"!


Sweet, sweet redemption - Golden Eggs aplenty!

Oh the "battle" stories that were shared over lunch!  My husband swiped an egg from beneath a man's leg who had fallen to his stomach and tossed it to my brother - I wish I could see that on instant reply.  

And what did we win?
Coupons for 1/2 off a mani or a pedi and a free facial!
Not bad considering last year, right?!?

Happy Easter!

You won't find my first novel inside a golden egg - but inside my novel you'll find plenty of LOL and OMG moments!  So hop on one of these links and be entertained this weekend.  Just think, at $2.99 you'll have cash left over for that pedi - and something to read while the polish dries - A win-win!

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