Friday, March 15, 2013

How cool is that?

I was invited to provide a guest post on another blog.  And, today it’s on! Again, how cool is that? 

Please visit Humorist – Bliss Follower – Writer: Becky Lewellen Povich at  Not only is Becky a fabulous writer and blogger friend, but she also has an awesome sense of humor.  (I know that because she told me she found several of my recent posts amusing – so, yes, she is awesome and so is her sense of humor.)  Plus, her blog is supercool - you'll see what I mean immediately upon bringing it up!  

Thanks for inviting me to be today’s Volunteer Guest Blogger, Becky!  I’m so excited to be a part of your wonderful blog.

*Are you still here?  Normally, I’d say that’s great – but, today, I’m saying go check out my post, “Audry and Audrey (and My Missing “e”)” at



  1. Well, thank YOU, Audry. You're a sweetie and I appreciate it. Spring temps must be common today, because there sure haven't been very many comments on your post yet. But, I'm sure there will be lots more later! Thanks again!

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  3. Sorry you had the misfortune to be guest posting on Becky's blog when Google Reader decided not to update her posts. I am just finding you now. Hopefully the rest of her readers will find their way here, too.

    At any rate, loved your post over there!


    1. Hi Sue! I'm glad you found me. Thanks for sharing that you enjoyed my post - it warms my heart as it is the fifth day of Spring and snowing heavily here in PA!


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