Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Possibly spiked coffee, Birdseed and "What hell is that?"

My thoughts one quiet afternoon last week: "Hmm, I could get back to writing Novel #2 since I haven't done that in a while - what with the holidays sucking every last bit of creative energy out of me - or ... I could fill the bird feeders.  Hmm ...Thinking or Mindless Doing?"  Hmm ... (Baileys allegedly found its way into my mug which was topped with a splash of coffee - Allegedly this happened.)  "Birdfeeders it is!"

Mug in hand, I filled the one feeder I have hanging in a tree in my backyard.

Careful not to spill my "coffee", I put a small amount of seed into the feeder outside my living room window.

And, for good measure, I sprinkled some seed onto the tree stump beside my lime green picnic table.

And, then I returned inside where I sipped from my mug as I looked out my kitchen window.  Several sips later, I joyfully observed the peaceful return of three little birds.

After taking another long sip, I peeked out my back door in order to spy on the tree stump.  There I saw that I had attracted three birds as well ....

only they weren't little and I think I heard a gobble.

I walked to my sink, 
poured the remaining contents of my mug down the drain
 and decided that maybe I ought to get back to writing ...

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