Friday, January 18, 2013

Keep Calm and Carry On ... Yes, I know I'm posting on a Friday!

It's been that kind of week.  

I'm thinking of amending my routine of posting every Wednesday for some spontaneity - a once a week post on which ever day happens to work.  This week, it seems like Friday will do.  As for Riley (pictured above),  $150 at the vet, two doses of doggie meds and an Elizabethan Collar (that's the plastic funnel he's wearing) should bring about his swift recovery from an infected splinter in his paw.

Elizabethan Collar - ha - he's like a Canine Shakespeare!    

I'm hopping onto the lastest trend to adopt this British WW II morale booster that's suddenly become popular for whatever reason.  I guess it makes sense even though there was really no need to "keep calm" (Me: "I haven't put up a blog post this week - Sound the alarms!") but I am going to "carry on".

Ice Storm from this past Wednesday

(I wish I was going to 'carry on' luggage on a trip to a warmer climate, but no such luck).

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