Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Twilight: Breaking Da- …uh, Middle-Age??? Part: I’ve lost count

Yes, I went to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 on opening night.

Yes, my friends (including the fabulous friend who rallied us together to celebrate her birthday at this event) and I were most likely the only ones in our age bracket attending the movie who were not chaperoning a “tween”/teen.

Yes, the ten o’clock show-time was way after my usual mid-lifer bedtime routine.

And, yes I awoke the next morning thinking, like Bella in the movie, I had achieved immortality:  (I really did!)
My face was pale, too pale – perhaps it could be lack of sun and make-up, but still…  My lips were red – and chapped so I had applied pomegranate flavored lip balm, but still, they were red … My eyes were red, too – bloodshot from lack of sleep actually, but still, not their normal color … I had a thirst, a deep desirous thirst – not for blood (that’s just gross).  No, it was for coffee, a thirst for caffeine.  I went to run from my bedroom to my kitchen at inhuman speed - like Bella ran through the forest of the Pacific Northwest 

(about that part in the movie, I was anticipating her unexpectedly smacking into a tree – I mean, speed plus trees equals smack, am I right?)

 … as I was saying, I went to run like a blur to the coffee pot and … Ow, crick, crack - I moved at the not quite forty, mother of three speed which wasn’t very impressive at all …or immortal-like. 

Finally, yes, I had not achieved immortality - though I would have enjoyed being able to move that quickly - (Think of how much time I could save at the supermarket!)  But, I did feel twenty years younger sitting at the movie on opening night – and that counts for something!

Hey, blog readers, have a Happy Thanksgiving!          
I’m off to bake a few pies and then, continue writing the exciting last hundred pages of novel #2: Secrets, Lies and Apple Pies.  (Hmm, maybe I should include a werewolf with a hot man body and a forbidden vampire romance … Ha!)  

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