Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Deja-Vu of the Stormy-Kind

The forecast for October 29, 2012
Fortunately, Hurricane turned Superstorm Sandy created minor havoc around my area.  We did lose power, but for a mere 24 hours.  Perhaps our greatest inconvenience (and, trust me, compared to the images I’ve be seeing over the past week, I really can’t complain) was that the bus couldn’t make it out to us due to fallen trees and downed wires blocking roads. 
My neighbor kindly drove my oldest son to school in the morning as she was heading there anyway and so my twins who have afternoon kindergarten could stay in their pajamas.  As my neighbor drove along, she commented to my son how strange it was that we’ve had these two big storms around the same date in October for two years in a row.
From last year's post: "Mother Nature is on Crack!"
Flashback to last year:
Not a Superstorm, but a Nor’easter was to blame.  (And there’s a Nor’easter expected to move in later today – the South is starting to look more and more appealing!)

As my neighbor marveled at the coincidence of the timing of it all, my son didn’t seem so impressed.  Their conversation went something like this:
My son: “Isn’t it a tradition?”
My neighbor:  “Isn’t what a tradition?”
My son:  “You know.  We have a storm around Halloween every year.  It’s a tradition.”
Oh no! Say it isn’t so!
On a more serious note, my heart goes out to all those in need in the storm ravaged areas.
 I’d like to pass along a website for a list of items currently in great need:  
For those of you who live nearby, Lords and Ladies Salon Medical Spa will be conducting a collection of such items this Sunday, November 11th from 9am to 4pm at their Douglassville location.

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