Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Secrets, Lies and Pin-worthy Pies


Delicious news or even fattening news depending on your perspective:  

As I continue conducting research for my novel in progress, “Secrets, Lies and Apple Pies”, I’ve moved away from how to properly overindulge at a German Beer-fest to learning more about the fine art of pie-making.  And, I’ve discovered that I need brush up on my pie making skills - so what better timing than this month of feasts and culinary challenges!

Pin-worthy:   I’ve launched a new Pinterest board dedicated to all things (no not "Audry" this time) … wait for it … pies!  Yes, pies!   I bet you’ll never guess the title.  Yup, “Secrets, Lies and Pin-worthy Pies”.

Easy as pie.   Hopefully, the timing is perfect for all you bakers (or once a year bakers) out there.  Got a great pie recipe, apple or otherwise?  Comment here with the recipe or where I can find it to re-pin it.  As for the phrase, “easy as pie”, from my experience attempting to create one from scratch, the only thing easy about pie is eating it!            

Happy Baking!  Now, it’s time for my main character to get baking!

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