Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fest versus Rest

Aud-toberfest   It’s no secret that I love the month of October.  Is it because it’s the month of everything “fest”?  That it’s the season of fall foliage, hayrides, cider and pumpkins?  That my birthday is smack in the middle of the month?  Yes, yes & yes!

NyQuil you are a friend of mine.   I joyfully flipped the calendar from September into October and started sneezing … and sneezing and sneezing.  At first, I lived in denial believing that it was only allergies and that it would pass. I’m planning on doing some “research” this weekend – Achoo!  Maybe.

Oktoberfest and Research for Novel #2 (wink, wink)  Is it a coincidence or a positive sign from the universe?  It just so happens that this weekend when I have a chance to attend a local Oktoberfest that I have arrived at the part in my outline which dictates that the characters in Secret, Lies and Apple Pies will be attending one drama-filled Oktoberfest celebration!   

A Pity-Party Fest is not the Best.  I’ve already lowered my expectations substantially this year with the onset of this cold - yes I said cold.  This year, my birthday is on a boring Monday.  Last year, my birthday landed auspiciously on a Saturday.  I was full of eager anticipation.  And it came to be a great day for getting out and doing something fun.  A lot of people close to me took advantage of that glorious autumn day, too … except not necessarily with me or because it was my birthday.  In the end, I made my husband begrudgingly drive me and our children up to Jim Thorpe, PA for their “fest” and wound up sitting in traffic for over two hours.  After that, I was pretty much over my birthday being on a Saturday as my high expectations burned and crashed.  Plus, let’s not forget how last year’s October ended in a freak snowstorm that knocked out power for nearly a week around here. 

Fest versus Rest.  Low expectations in place for this month: check.  Beer Stein filled with NyQuil: check.  Outlook for October 2012:

Will it be "fest"?

Or will it be rest?

I’ll let you know in November.

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