Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hooray for Leap Day!

Me:  "Do you know what day it is?"

Husband:  "What did I forget?"

Me: "Nothing.  It's leap day."

Husband:  "Oh.  Does it mean I'm getting lucky later?"


Me:  "Hey kids, do you know what day it is?"

Second Grader:  "Did it snow last night?  Do we have off school?"

Me: "No, it's leap day!  It's an extra day on the calendar.  What will you do with your extra day?"

Second Grader:  "It be better if it snowed.  They should put the extra day in the summer."

Me:  "Hey twins!  Want to leap like frogs?  Today's leap day!"

Twin Daughter:  "Do we get candy?"

Me:  "Not for breakfast.  Sorry, honey.  How about later? I'm sure some sugar would get you leaping, wouldn't it?"

Twin Son:  "Boing! Boing! Boing!"

Me:  "Now there's the spirit!  Just not on the bed ... and not on the couch ... and watch out, for the dog!  Uh-oh, you're going to spill your cereal and milk now!  Okay, enough leaping!"

Second Grader:  "What about you, Mom?  Why aren't you leaping?"

Me:  "I don't know.  Grown-ups don't act silly like that."

Then I thought, maybe we boring grown-ups should attempt a little leap every now and then.  I'm not saying we all need to parachute from an airplane or go bungee jumping, unless that's your thing.  Maybe something more like throwing in a few skips from your car to your front door when you're sure the neighbors aren't watching.  Or hopping on the swings at the park and showing your kids (or some random kids that happen to be there) how high you can go.  And if today is a miserable day, maybe like my second grader says, make it a leap year and pick a summer day for your random act of silliness.

Me:  "Boing! Boing! Boing!"

It felt silly and mood lifting ... and to think, I hadn't spiked my coffee mug yet! 

Happy Leap Day!

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