Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hmm, Nod, Chin Scratch

Altogether now, let’s practice:
Say, “Hmm,” in a thoughtful manner while nodding and, just for fun, throw in a subtle chin scratch.  Perfect!  Remember that for later.

Announcing a new dimension to this blog:  BOOK REVIEWS
Swing by this Saturday for the first official book review!
In cooperation with the wonderful website WOW (Women on Writing), I will be posting reviews of books they send my way. 

This month’s book is A Cluttered Life by Pesi Dinnerstein

Clutter like dust, dirty floors, laundry, bills and a multitude of other annoyances seem to keep coming back no matter how many times it’s banished.  I’ll look around my house from time to time and mutter, “How did this happen?”  The obvious answer is that clutter like dust, dirt, laundry and bills mate and reproduce like rabbits. 

Pesi tackles the subject of clutter on a much deeper level.  Without getting all review-y until Saturday, I leave you with this thought summed up from a point made in the early chapters of the book:
Some objects obstruct us.  That’s clutter.  Let those go.  Other items inspire us.  Those are treasures.  Display them beautifully.

Ready?  You know what to do:
Hmm, nod, chin scratch …

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