Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Multi-tasker's Guide to the Universe

Such a bold title for this post!  I thought my other title: “A Few Impractical Ideas for Multi-Tasking Around Your Home” just didn’t have the same zing.

Ever since I discovered that I would be a mother of twins, I wanted to grow octopus arms.  I didn’t care that it would make me look like a freak or that buying tops would prove endlessly problematic.  I wanted an extra set or two or three of arms.  Think of how much I could accomplish!  I thought wouldn’t it be cool if the doctor who handed over my twins had commented, “Your arms are coming in nicely.  Lucky you.  You're going to need them." 

Since I’m stuck with the regulation two arms, I’ve had to rely on multi-tasking.  Interestingly, research tells us that men tend to focus on one thing at a time while women are more inclined to multi-task.  And really, that’s because we, women, are doing everything the man didn’t take care of when he was focusing on only one thing.  Sadly, research also states that people that focus on one goal at a time tend to achieve greater success than those that choose to multi-task.  So, I say screw trying to focus (we all know that’s a losing battle) and get better at multi-tasking!

Here’s a few tips from an octopus arms wannabe:
(disclaimer: follow tips at your own risk)

*Don’t waste time going to an expensive gym: When you hug your kids or pick up whatever off the floor, throw in a few squat thrusts.  Plus, pushing a cart around a supermarket counts as aerobic exercise.
*On the commute: Red lights are for applying make-up, aren’t they?
*Laundry: Fold, get caught up on your favorite reality show until a commercial, fold, surf the web to get inside scoop on said show, fold, call someone to discuss the show, fold, repeat as necessary.
*Dinner: Put out plates, napkins, utensils while filling drinks in the time it takes to reheat something in the microwave.
* Eat vertically:  Between bites and while properly chewing and swallowing, you could do all things that the person in your home that focuses should have been doing but didn’t.

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