Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blame It on the Dog

If you own a dog or ever have owned a dog, then you know the rule about placing the blame for every less than pleasant odor on your canine friend.  This morning has proven no different. I awoke to a smell that can only be described as skunk.  I was the one who let him out this morning. But, my husband let him back in, surely smelled him, said nothing and snuck out for work!

Here is my dog, Riley, culprit of many of mystery smells including doggie spa treatments of manure in the nearby field.  He looks a little remorseful just after a tomato soup bath.

On a morning that wasn't going well in so many other ways from my daughter yelling at me that I interrupted her beauty sleep by waking her for breakfast to finding my second grader's zipper pull for his school bag on the threshold of the front door after the bus already left to turning around halfway on our way to Pre-K because my son was crying that he forgot his glasses on the kitchen table to not really having a clear idea about what I was going to post today ... there's only one thing to say:

Blame it on the dog! 

(And yes, I have forgiven him for this skunky, stinky, no good, terrible morning just as I have forgiven him for biting the trashman, scratching up the woodwork in our house and digging a hole into the couch cushion!)

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  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. As I have no dog in London, I used to blame everything on my baby daughter (I am late, tired, in a bad mood, and no, the dinner is NOT ready!)

  2. Some days are like that.
    However, there is a convenient aspect to having a dog around to blame. You've got instant cover if you every, um, you know, express some air from your southern end in company....


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