Friday, January 8, 2016

We'll Make It I Swear

My New Year's resolution is to be more positive and less sarcastic. Like I won't screw that up right away.:

What's new?
You bump into someone you haven't seen in a while and they inevitably ask, "What's new?" Then, if you're like me, you shrug and mumble, "Same old. Same old. I guess." Ugh.

Gotta be somethin' new. Right?!?
It's a new year. My inbox is buzzing with newsletters and webinars pleading me to have my best year ever. Yes they promised me last year would be my best year, but it was apparently all a lie. This is supposed to be my best year ever. And it's already several days old. I'm losing time. Next year will be here before I know it and what will I say I accomplished? 

Best Year Ever (or is it?)
Oh the dilemma of where to start. Healthier body? Meditate daily for spiritual clarity? Get those finances on track? Make those dreams a reality? Yes, yes, yes just as soon as I eat every last bit of sugary, fattening food leftover from the holidays, meditate on how I spent so much money in a single month and remember what my best life dreams were in the first place.

Small Steps. Big Goals. (I already need a nap.)
So, what's new? Here's three to start:

1. This post is new. Woot! High Five! First post of 2016. Totally nailed it. My resolution is post weekly and keep it fresh. Or, uh, at least interesting. There's going to be Guest Posts - got one coming up on the 20th (Didn't see that coming. Did ya?), a new feature about Writer-Moms and how they do it (because, frankly, I need to know), book recommendations, a couple book reviews and much, much more. (Oh, the suspense!)

2. Something old will be new again. No, I'm not talking about the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls reuniting for a 2016 tour. My very first novel, Going Barefoot in Greener Grass, got some TLC from a professional editor and - bam - it's all gussied up and ready to find a world of new readers. Stay tuned for more details!

3. If there was Tinder for finding a literary agent, I'd be on it. Also, on the 2016 To Do list for my best year ever is searching for an agent for my next new novel, How Lucy Got Lucky. A few more edits and a fancy query letter sits between me and finding that one special person. 

Bonus - As if all this wasn't enough, I'm trying a new method for writing my next novel and it's super low tech: a pencil and a notebook. Good news. So far, I have a few scribbled pages of what's sure to be an intriguing, entertaining novel. One hint - someone say "beach read"?

So what's new with you?
Why not do something new like leave a comment on a blog? Hey, I know. What about right now, right here?
Or, make a new friend? Ooo, me! Me! Yes. Let's be Facebook pals! Or Twitter buds!
And, what about checking out a website that's new to you. Here's one:

Best year ever! (Well, until, next year anyway.)

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