Thursday, January 28, 2016

Flaking Out

Hello from my backyard tundra. Behind me, my twins brave the storm despite my pleas to get back inside. Read on to learn about my hot chocolate discovery, my random deep thought and to see my snowman crafting skills at their finest.  

Some called it a blizzard. Some called it Jonas. I called it cold.

Nothing like a good old fashioned blizzard to put things into perspective. For example, while milk, bread and eggs make great french toast, you can only eat it so many times before you wished you'd instead bought ingredients for chile on that final mad rush to the store. In retrospect, I regret sending my husband on that last ditch shopping trip. He brought home the world's largest box of frozen mozzarella sticks. Pass the marinara sauce.

Flaking on the outside. Baking on the inside.  

There are several things I did manage to accomplish during our blast of 27 inches of snow. None of them involved writing, editing or - sigh - reading (I read two pages of my latest book before promptly falling into hibernation). All of them involved wishing I could go back in time and buy a snowblower, complaining I was tired from shoveling, wondering how melted snow clumps found their way into every room of the house, baking banana bread which I ate in great quantities to offset any weight loss from the constant shoveling and discovering how hot chocolate spiked with Bailey's makes everything better. 

When life gives you snowflakes by the ba-zillions ...

... make a snowman. I had a deep thought while trudging through the deep snow to help my daughter build a snowman. This onslaught of snow was actually made up of individual flakes. It reminded me of the story I was working on prior to the storm. Each word was like a snowflake. When consistently piled one after another, it becomes a blizzard of words, a complete novel. Thinking further, I figured the editing process was then like building this snowman. Then, my stomach grumbled for more banana bread, my daughter complained her fingers had turned into little popsicles and my fleeting thought melted in the forty degree sun. 

A snowman named Jonas 

The resemblance is uncanny. Don't you think?

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