Friday, October 30, 2015

Why I'm Going as Wonder Woman this Halloween

When my kids asked me what my favorite Halloween costume was when I was their age, I knew the answer right away - Wonder Woman. I can still recall the white box containing the costume, a plastic mask that affixed to my head with a single piece of rubber band-like elastic and a plastic tunic-like bodice. Sure the condensation from inside the mask was partially suffocating, but it didn't hamper my enthusiasm. I felt epic ... or well, really "cool" or "rad" since "epic" wasn't part of early 80's terminology. Regardless, that Wonder Woman costume went down as a win in my personal history of trick-or-treating.

Now that I have a daughter about the same age I was back on that particular 1980-something Halloween, it's time to bring it once again as we're both going as the famed superhero - kid sized version for my daughter and a modest t-shirt style for me. (Much to the disappointment of my husband who was rooting for me to buy the sexy get-up to which I said, "Um, no.")

Why Wonder Woman? You ask.

1. She's a badass woman, not girl - WOMAN.
 That's right. Supergirl and Batgirl, grow up. Ha! This Halloween I could use a badass attitude, especially with it landing on a Saturday. There'll be no rest for this Wonder Wo-mom: 10 a.m. soccer game - Bam! Three sets of Halloween costumes on three kiddos - Wham! Halloween party - Pow! Trick-or-treating - Kablam! Everyone on a sugar high and not ever going to bed - Wa-zoom! (For further proof of her badass-ness, Wonder Woman ranked #42 on this bizarre list created by Mtv News - check it out here.)

2. She spins and her outfit, hair and make-up are done. Those of you a bit younger than me may not be familiar with the Wonder Woman tv show of the late 70's starring Lynda Carter, so here's a clip below of the iconic spin  Amaze-balls, right?!? Of all the super powers out there, this one ranks first on my super ability wish list. Think of the time I'd save. I may actually get somewhere early and look presentable when I get there.

3. She has a Lasso of Truth. How could I use such a powerful tool? Hmm. Let me imagine: "Who tracked mud all over the house?" or better, "Who ate all the Halloween candy and left the wrappers in a pile on the couch?" Cue my family members either ignoring me or running away. I reach for my lasso. "You can't get away from me." I encircle a potential offender of household cleanliness. Confession time. Wonder Wo-mom lays down the law. Cue the background soundbite:
Wonder Wo-mom!

How about you? Have a favorite Halloween costume? Share it!

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