Friday, July 4, 2014

"Whatcha" reading this summer?

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I love reading in the summertime. No other season can compare to the bliss of lounging  in a scenic location and escaping into a good story.(Of course, with children, this type of bliss requires a some creative planning for the kiddos. And, most of the time, the scenic location is imagined, but a girl can dream, right?)  Maybe it's the lazy days of summer mentality (even if it isn't a reality) or simply the longer hours of daylight, but I must have a book (or new ebook download) within reach during the summer months, more than any other time of year!

So, in the spirit of discovering a hot summer read, I'm asking you:
Whatcha reading this summer?
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So, you might ask,
"Whatcha reading this summer, Audry?"
Well, I'll tell you:
Last month, I couldn't put down Barbara Delinsky's recent novel , Sweet Salt Air. It was like a mental vacation to a remote island off the coast of Maine. It had strong characters and story that kept a steady pace with a few fun "romantic" moments to spice it up.

For the past two weeks, I've let my Kindle recharge and have revisited the joy of actually holding a real book in my hands. On a trip to the library, I decided to set a good example for my kids and my niece who I am watching a couple days a week. I said, "See, kids, even Mommy (also known as Aunt Audry) is checking out a book that I plan to read. We can all go home and have some quiet time reading. Doesn't that sound fun?" Yep, for a whole twenty minutes, it was fun, though not the most quiet of a time!

Anyway, at our small town public library, I happened to pass a book that I always wanted to read, yet for some reason never did,  The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. It's definitely not your basic light reading that is usually associated with summer, but I love it. The writing is beautiful and the story is thought provoking.

For good measure, here's a few more "sand-between-your-toes" reads that I've enjoyed from summers gone by:

Happy Reading!

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