Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sunset Cover Photo Contest

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The Sunset Cover Photo Contest for my soon to be released short story, Sunset Orange Crush, has several promising entries. From sunsets on the Florida Keys to Hawaii to New York City, these shots are breathtaking!

There's still time left to send me your entries!
>>> Email to audryfryer@gmail.com or post on Audry Fryer, Author.<<<

Sunset Orange Crush will be coming to a Kindle or  a Nook (or to a free Kindle or Nook app on your tablet) on August 1st! And, your sunset snapshot could be the background on the cover! How sweet would that be!?!

About Sunset Orange Crush:

Ali's life has been in pieces much like one of her most treasured mementos that fell and shattered a year ago. Wanting to fix what is broken, Ali returns to the small seaside town where her parents once rented a beachside cottage and she once spent an unforgettable summer. Though time has slipped away like dry sand through parted fingers, Ali's memories of sunsets on the beach, a lost friendship and a first love remain strong. However, in the span bridging her youth to adulthood, much has changed. As Ali searches for so much more than fond recollections of a more innocent time, she discovers love and loss, the healing power of forgiveness and grains of the same magic lingering from that one summer.

Here's the latest entries, plus a few sneak peek quotes from the story! Enjoy!

courtesy of Marie Zawislak (Florida Keys) 
"There’s always a little bit of sand that follows you home, in the bottom of your beach bag, in the cuff of your shorts or plastered to your flip-flops. Memories are like that, too."

courtesy of Marie Zawislak (Florida Keys)
"Time sifts like fine, dry sand through my fingers once more.  Round and round the sun rises and sets in and out of seasons ..."

courtesy of Quinn Kaufmann (Hawaii)
"...I’m not sure I could ever recapture the magic of that summer."

courtesy of Quinn Kaufmann (Hawaii)
"It wasn't long until the world around me grew a delightful hazy golden hue.  Part of it was, without a doubt, the alcohol."

courtesy of Quinn Kaufmann (Hawaii)
"The other part could be attributed to the amazing sunset, 
an orange crush of its own."

courtesy of Kaylee Scheirer
"Corey and I were the only ones for miles, floating on a tall billowing cloud with the lightning energizing our new-found chemistry."

courtesy of Kaylee Scheirer

Thank you to everyone who entered a photo! These are some awesome shots! Have you spotted a winner? Comment here or on my Facebook Page, Audry Fryer, Author and let me know!

***July Special: 99 cents for Going Barefoot in Greener Grass on Nook &Kindle and Secrets, Lies and Apple Pies on Nook & Kindle !!!***

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Winner will be selected on July 31, 2014!!!

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