Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And Venus Was Her Name

The historic Transit of Venus across the face of the sun may be exciting if you’re into astronomy.  But if you’re into astrology, it’s life changing … or so my daily horoscope for Libra says:

For astronomers, the transit of Venus is rare and special. Something to tell their grandchildren about. Yet really, it has every bit as much relevance and significance to you. When you come to look back on it, you will see how it represented the moment when your life began to change direction. It symbolised the time when your future opened up like a flower, inviting you to revel in all its potential glory. Never mind how old you are or what you fear it might be too late for, you are just in time to begin a magical phase of your life.”  
            -from Jonathan Cainer’s Zodiac Forecasts

Okay, you read it here first!  As soon as the magic starts happening, I’ll let you know.  So, looking around, uh, it all looks pretty much the same around here.  But, it’s going to happen.  I know it is.  Pretty soon … Just looking around … watching ... and waiting ... magical phase ... anytime now ...

While we wait, enjoy this musical interlude from Bananarama:
(Oh how I love the 80’s!)

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