Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Smiley Face

Do you see the smiley? 

As a person who adds a :) smiley prolifically to her e-mails, texts and Facebook interactions, I became enamored when I learned that someone had published a children's book on the subject of finding "smileys", The Smiley Book of Colors by Ruth Kaiser.

And, even better, if I uploaded a "smiley picture" to the author's website, I could help a good cause, Operation Smile, a charity that benefits children with facial deformities.  For anyone interested, the website is Spontaneous Smiley: and you can share your smiley picts under the tab, "Share Your Smiley".

Well, being a self-proclaimed feel-good blog, I had to grab my camera and go on a "smiley" search. 
Plus, check out them out on Pinterest: on the board entitled "Feel-good Fun Stuff ". 

Smile!  (Also, it happens to be picture day for my twins.  I hope they have their smiley faces on, too!)

If you upload a smile, I'd love to see what you've found!  Add it to my Author Page at:


  1. These are awesome! I'd love to have you join our blog effort to raise fund for Operation Smiley through a blog style smile-a-thon! You can request to join our group as well

    1. Thanks for the links and for accepting me into the facebook group. I'll keep spreading the word about Operation Smiley :)

  2. I love the cup of coffee in the background. A little black for me, I happen to love a lot of creamer and sugar, but it definitely made me SMilE! I'm one of the bloggers in the Smile a thon too! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog posts!

    1. Thanks for stopping by - your comment made me SMiLE!
      Yeah, the coffee in the background could use some creamer and sugar - HA!
      Looking forward to checking out your blog...


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