Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mother Nature is on Crack!

I'm serious, Mother Nature needs rehab.
  Bizarre weather has been happening all across the planet, with no exception in my corner of the world.
We went from this: 

to (in a matter of a couple weeks) this:

That's eleven inches of snow three days before Halloween, countless trees down including our treasured maple that shaded our picnic table and no power for four days (some of my neighbors were out for more than a week)!  Oh, and no post for last Wednesday, due to the lack of electricity. 

Well, I'm happy to say the electric company hung the wires right back up amongst the weakened tree branches, thus restoring power ... for now.  Also, I'd like to say that my children demonstrated that they learned much from Fire Prevention Month.  When I lit every candle in my house (because it was seriously dark), all three simultaneously stopped, dropped and rolled.  I thought about telling them that you do that only when your clothes are on fire, but I let them go.  What else was there to do without t.v. or video games?!?

And, finally, in this month of thankfulness, I'm going to strive to be grateful everyday for our utilities while really trying to remember to give back to those less fortunate.  Perhaps I'll donate my candles my children refuse to allow me to light! (Of course, along with can goods and gently used winter coats.)

On a quick side note, as I've decided to incorporate this October snowstorm into novel #2.  Hopefully, by the time I finish, Mother Nature will have been released from rehab and living substance-free!

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