Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hey Look: I'm on the Nook

The following is a post containing shameless promotion, reader discretion is advised! 

Hey look:  I'm on the Nook!

Exciting, right?  Last winter, when I put Going Barefoot in Greener Grass up for sale on Amazon's Kindle, I checked into self-publishing on other e-readers.  Only Kindle, at that time, provided no fee for uploading my novel.  Fortunately, as of recently, I was tipped off about Pub-It through Barnes and Noble which also uploads for free.  As I am new to the world of self-publishing and self-promotion, I didn't want to spend more than I would potentially make.  So, "free" works!

And now, for more shameless promotion, here's my new and improved summary:

Be careful when you tread barefoot in greener grass ... you might get stung.

For best friends, Olivia and Bethany, life looks a whole lot better on the other side of the picket fence. Olivia had the big Italian wedding - a boisterous affair including her pizza shop owner parents, her superstitious Nonna, her three rowdy older brothers and one quirky photographer's assistant. Now, Olivia lives in a cute suburban home with her husband and three children. Bethany, pushed by an ultimatum to choose between her love life and her budding career, broke off her engagement the night before Olivia's wedding and has been single and free ever since.

In her mid thirties, Olivia longs for a life beyond the threshold of her front door, for an identity other than "wife" and "stay-at-home mom". Bethany, too, has a void in her life, one that she can never seem to fill, no matter how many places she has traveled or how accomplished she has become in her career with a popular food and wine magazine.

On a girls get-away to the Jersey Shore, tensions reach their breaking point as each woman realizes she desires what the other one takes for granted. Can Olivia's and Bethany's friendship survive as each woman dares to have it all?

In her debut novel, Audry Fryer takes the reader on a fun ride with relatable characters, humor and unexpected plot twists. Going Barefoot in Greener Grass is a warm story of friendship weaved into a satisfying tale about never giving up on your dreams.

Don't walk, run through the greener grass (barefoot if you like) to get your copy today!

Okay, enough shameless self-promotion.  We will soon return to your regularly scheduled blog posts!

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