Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Turning Over a New Leaf

A fabulous friend of mine mentioned to me that she was turning over a new leaf (with a wry expression on her face considering the season we're in).  She went on to say something about early Christmas shopping and a few other things.  Honestly, I checked out mentally at the Christmas shopping part (be on the look out for a December post rant about gift giving).  But the new leaf part of our conversation stuck with me. 

So, here's my "new leaf":  I'm going to have confidence with this whole "I'm a writer" thing.  Allow me to explain.  I was at one of those home demonstrations selling jewelry the other weekend and the party hostess cornered me.  She didn't want me to simply be a buyer.  She wanted me to "join the team" and sell it.  Word somehow leaked out of my stay-at-home mom status.  Here was my response:

"I  ... uh ... well, yes, I do stay at home, but ... you know ... I was a teacher ... and then I quit to have the twins ... and I could back to teaching Pre-K ... but, I do sort of write, too ... I mean I wrote this one little novel ... I put it up on Kindle ... it was getting rejected all over the place ... so, one quick click and there it is for people to buy ... so easy, anyone could do it ... oh, and I have a blog ... a couple people read it, I guess ... so, yeah ... that."

Ugh!  If only I could have an edit button for my mouth, I would have sounded like this: (actually I'd never say anything like this, but oh the fun of thinking I could ...well, maybe I could after a few drinks.)

"Listen, Bitch, just because I'm a stay-at-home mom doesn't mean I don't have a life.  I don't have time to be pimping your jewerly all over town when I'm in middle of writing my second novel.  Do you own a Kindle?  I'm on there.  You should check it out.  Plus, I have a blog, too.  I might mention you in next week's post."

What's your new leaf?

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  1. I'm still laughing! I'm glad to see you are turning over a new leaf and following your dreams. I can't wait to read your next best seller!

  2. My new leaf (2011 version): I moved after 11 years from Hollywood to small town South Pasadena. Instead of living a block from a police & fire station, my daughter and I now live on a beautiful tree-lined street with adorable California bungalows. Next: I've been struggling to keep alive my photography business (, while half-heartedly sending out queries for representation in regard to my novel; now I have my first paid writing gig for the website Hometown Pasadena and I received my first "Edited by" credit for my friend's self-help workbook "Where Are You Stuck?"

    I have begun to live the life I have wanted for a long time, immersed in the writing world, the world of books, publishing, etc. I'm still broke, but I now feel confident that I can actually change that!

    I look forward to reading more of your posts. (Found you through Shewrites!)

    Kat Ward


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