Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't Worry About a Ping

There she is:  "Mom's Mini Van Shuttle", a no longer in production Saturn Relay bought in 2006 off the show-room floor when my pregnant-with-twins girth made me look like I was hiding a large pumpkin under my sweater.  Five years later, she's still shuffling back and forth, but now with a new "ping" in her step.  

Three days into October, the month in which I declared I would have a positive attitude about absolutely every little thing, the pinging began.  Apparently the automatic rear passenger door isn't so automatic anymore and the pinging is the alarm sounding that door is still open ... when it's closed!!!  We pinged to Pre-K one day only to have it mysteriously stop.  It was my positive attitude.  I was so sure ... until it started again and would not stop.

On our travels until we arrived at the mechanic, the kids and I tried to drown out the pinging with loud music.  We found a successful remedy when I happened upon Bob Marley's, "Three Little Birds".

Here's our new version of the song:

"Don't worry about  a ping.  'Cause every little ping gonna be alright. Pinging, "Don't worry about a ping, cause every little ping gonna be alright."

ping ... ping ... ping ...
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  1. SomePing tells me Every Little Ping is gonna be alright...keep up the positive vibes and very InterestPing posts! :)

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