Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wanted: Your input on Novel #2

It's been said, "Love is in the details."  And yet, as I venture further into writing my second novel, I'm not loving the details!

So, I'm turning to you, my blog friends, for a little direction.  Just think, if ... I mean, when ... I make it big, you can say, "I was a part of the writing process!" 

Okay, so here goes:  The working title of novel #2 is "Secrets, Lies and Apple Pies".  And here's a one sentence synopsis (notice that I haven't named the main character):  After a devastating car accident on the day she learned of her husband's affair with a close family friend, the main character, broken and defeated, returns to live with her mother on a far removed apple orchard seeking solace yet searching for answers.

You guessed it:  Help me name the main character.  Should I name her after an apple, such as Braeburn or Cortland?  Or should she have a more common name like Meredith or Candace?  Or something a little spicy like Scarlet?

And I need your input on one more matter.  The love triangle in the novel begins with a friendship forged during their college years.  Where would you enjoy reading about?  Here's the choices:  Ivy League like Cornell in Ithaca, NY or my alma mater, Elizabethtown College, PA or maybe a more urban setting, such as Georgetown University, Washington D.C. ?

I appreciate your input.  And, I can't wait to hear your thoughts!
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  1. RUBY! I wanted to name Makena Ruby June. It would be awesome...I think. :)
    Red = Apple...Jewel...and it sounds a little daring and old fashioned too.

  2. I like when you write about places you know or have been...I think Elizabethtown would be cool. Homegrown Author Makes It Big In PA...I can see it now...


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