Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Roasting a Weiner on a Hot Topic Fire

This summer as the temperatures heat up, I thought I'd post a hot topic for discussion each week.  I invite your comments and look forward to your opinions.

This week's hot topic:  Liars, Cheaters and Semi-Happy Marriages

Once again, another high profile scandal takes over the news.  Anthony Weiner's sexting debacle has everyone talking.  And it's all pretty much the same old story, except for one fact.  Weiner's wife was missing from the press conference.  Good for her, I say.  What are your thoughts?

Interestingly, this week has included coverage of a thought-provoking new book, "Marriage Confidential" (the shortened title) by Pamela Haag.  The book takes a look modern marriages from children to cheaters to the semi-happy.  The term semi-happy caught my attention.  I think everyone can feel semi-happy about pretty much any part of life, not limited to marriage. 

Perhaps Anthony Weiner was only semi-happy with his marriage, so he sexted rather than actually have a full affair.  Got an opinion?  Let the discussion begin ....

Here's the link for more info about "Marriage Confidential":

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  1. Read an interesting Ms Magazine article on the topic of Weiner's weiner and other similar news. I wish I were tech-savvy enough to find it and post it here. Gist: unlike many prominent cases, like Eliot Spitzer or John Edwards, Weiner's is not any of my business because, while what he did was stupid, and he did lie about it, not of what he did hypocritical. Eliot working to stop prostitution rings while patronizing one, etc.

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