Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Having a bad hair day?

That's me, back in high school, goofing around.  Although, I closely resembled this look today as I picked up my twins from Nursery School in the midst of a Spring thunderstorm.  This photo had been amusingly posted on Facebook by an old friend.  At first, I said, "Oh no, she didn't!"  Now, I've come to appreciate my electric-shock look.  Heck, I'm not the only one to have a bad hair day.  There's plenty of yearbooks floating around out there just waitng for a scanner and an old friend with a hair raising sense of humor.  For us born in the last century (as my seven year old son calls us), we had no idea how public certain photos might become.  If only I had a crystal ball, I would have said, "Wait!  This might end up on Facebook!"

Well, here I am outing my bad hair on my blog -- just for the fun of it!    (I couldn't resist a little eighties flashback describing that decade's inflated hair styles in the beginning of Going Barefoot ...  I knew my readers would be able to relate.)  

What is it about hair that's universal across genders, races and income levels?  I recently read that Kate Middleton will have six stylists attending to her locks on the day of her upcoming nuptials.  Much attention no doubt will be paid to her dress, but if one hair is out of place, that will be all the talk.  No one is immune from the occassional bad hair day. 

Put a hat on it.  Clip it up.  Tuck it under a scarf Thlema and Louise style.  Make a salon appointment.  These are a few of the remedies.  (Notice I didn't say take a picture ... oh the pressures of picture day at school, both back in the day and now for my children!)  After many bad hair days, I took my Southern-Belle-at-heart daughter to my salon for a trim.  She arrived apprehensive and fuzzy haired.  She left a brand new girl, as happy and bouncy as her new do.

Here she is at her first ever haircut last year.  She wishes I owned one of these chairs for shampooing.
From head to toe:  Share your bad hair day stories!  And when you're finished commenting, scroll down and check out my new and improved footer.  "The Bare-footer" is my new section full of suggestions for book clubs and/or readers who like to combine reading with a reason to party.

Until next week's post, may all your bad hair days be distant memories!  I leave you with this quote (all politics removed):
"If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle."
Hillary Rodham Clinton


  1. OMG! I have a picture of Sawyer that looks just like you here! The one from his 5 year old thank you!

  2. Hi there! I found you on She Writes and am a new follower! I love your hair! :-)

  3. I'm sending a link to a post about my perpetual bad hair day. Love your post.


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