Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Surprise! Today's post is not all about me.  I mean, it can't always be all about me.   You know, all the time :) In the interest of "helping a writer sister out", I have included a description about a novel and first time author worth checking out.  One of the central themes of the novel centers around a surprise.  Whether a surprise is happy or disconcerting, it always makes for an exciting story twist or, for that matter, real life that much more interesting.  In the spirit of today's extra blog post, be on the lookout for surprises, hopefully of the pleasant and smaller scale kind.  I'll keep an eye out, too.  Perhaps it could be as simple as discovering a few more blooms appearing from the bulbs I planted last fall.  Who knows?  I'll just have to be surprised, that's half the fun.   

I wrote today's post as part of the WOW-Women on Writing Blanket Tour for
Letter from Home by Kristina McMorris ( This debut
novel is the story of three young women during World War II and the identity
misunderstandings they and the men in their lives have. Ask yourself: Can a
soldier fall in love with a woman through letters? and What happens if the
woman writing the letters is different from the woman he met the might
before he shipped out, the woman he thought was writing the letters? Is it
still love or just a lie?
Like many authors, Kristina has had a wild selection of "real jobs"
everything from wedding planner to actress to publicist. She finally added
novelist to the list after  Kristina got a peek at the letters her
grandfather wrote to his sweetheart(a.k.a. Grandma Jean)while he was serving
in the Navy during World War II. That got her wondering how much two people
could truly know each other just from letter writing and became the nugget
of her novel.

In honor of her grandparents, and all the other families kept apart by
military service, Kristina is donating a portion of her book's profits to
United Through Reading, a nonprofit organization that video records deployed
U.S. military personnel reading bedtime stories to their children. You can
learn more about the program at
If you comment on today's post on this blog or any of the others
participating in Everybody's Talking About Surprises, you'll be entered to
win a special surprise prize! It includes an personalized copy of Letters
from Home, a Big Band CD, Victory Garden seeds, and more.  To read
Kristina's post about surprises and a list of other blogs participating in
Everybody's Talking about Surprises visit The Muffin.(we'll forward you the
link to the listing on the Muffin)'s-talking-about-surprises.html


  1. I love surprises! My beautiful grandchildren are a constant surprise (and joy)!

  2. Thanks for helping this "writer sister" out, Audry! I'm extremely grateful. Wishing you well.

  3. I got a surprise yesterday--my daughter's going to the prom. Oh my!

  4. Hey Audrey! I found you through a fellow friend follower, CJ. I'm following now and enjoyed your post.

  5. Hi Ellen,
    Thanks for following! I'll be checking out your blog as well!


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