Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm no expert, but ...

I'm starting a regular series that I'll post once a month entitled, "I'm no expert, but ..."  Be sure to add your own "I'm no expert, but..." comments!

Before I begin, I'd like to welcome anyone visiting from Book Blogs.  For those not familiar with this site, it's an online community with members that "read books, blog books, write books and publicize books".

1. I'm no expert, but isn't today, March 1st, the unofficial start of SPRING!?!  Here's a picture taken in mid April to help you catch a healthy dose of Spring Fever:

2.  I'm no expert, but if you have children and you take a shower when they are awake, said children will find a way to break into the bathroom, create some kind of havoc that you can do nothing about in your incapacitated state and exit leaving the door wide open blasting you with cold air.

3.  I'm no expert, but it's difficult to impossible to get a signed copy of an e-book.  I used imagine myself  sitting in a book store with a pen in hand scribbling clever notes and my signature.  I doubt anyone would appreciate me taking a sharpie to their brand new Kindle or PC or phone or iPad. 

4. I'm no expert, but bubbly has less chance of being wasted if consumed as an appetizer rather than a dessert.  Also, claiming an entire bottle of bubbly as your own at an event such as your brother's wedding will cause a temporary case of Turrets. (Hey my much appreciated readers:  Bethany's toast was influenced by personal experience.  Thank the good Lord no one handed me a microphone!)

5. I'm no expert, but housework counts as exercise.  As the great Erma Bombeck once said, "Housework, if you do it right, will kill you."  Well, I'm not taking things that far but full-laudry-basket-squats and vacuuming- under-the-couch-push-ups go far in multi-tasking a workout with getting stuff done. 

6.  I'm no expert, but I can cook any box of Mac and Cheese in the microwave in less than eight minutes.  Take that Rachel Ray!  The secret is a cup and a half of water and stirring every two minutes.  Then add the cheese mix, butter and a little less of the milk.  Beats the stove top and drain method by almost ten minutes!  I realize that I could have called this entry, "I'm no health expert, but..." 

Lucky #7 seems like a fine place to pause this list.  So lastly,
7.  I'm no expert, but taking off your shoes on the one warm day in February will have you running barefoot through the mud, not the grass.  Just for fun, I found a small patch of green and snapped this picture of my foot and each of my kids' feet.

Think Spring!


  1. I'm no expert, but you're extremely funny! Love the piggy toes!!!!!

  2. #4 is PERFECT...I seem to remember it...and have video evidence! :)

  3. I am no expert but I believe March 1st is a meteorologist official
    Start of Spring. Does that mean they will only report nice weather now?

  4. I hope it means they'll only report nice weather from now on. I'm holding on to hope that darn groundhog and his early spring prediction was correct.
    Oh, and wonderful sister-in-law, that video evidence better not make it onto you tube!


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