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Should you read Broken Grace by E. C. Diskin? Find out in this review!


Last month I featured Broken Grace by E. C. Diskin in my post, "Snow Reads: Almost like Beach Reads, but with way more clothing!"  It came highly recommended from my mom who usually has an eye for the type of story I'll enjoy ... and as it so happens quite often, she was right!

What's it about?

Broken Grace begins with Grace driving away from a house in a mad rush like someone's chasing her. A deer jumps in front of her speeding car. She has a horrific accident. Yet, she survives with head trauma so severe she has no memory. Convenient plotline, yes. Intriguing way to begin a story, double yes. 

I couldn't wait to figure out this book's secret. I figured Grace better remember something quick for her own safety. Was I ever spot on with that one!?!

Sound the alarm: a few spoiler alerts ahead! 

If you want to read this book and don't want any secrets revealed, simply scroll down with your hand partially covering your eyes to my final thoughts on this read. 

So there's Grace in the hospital after the accident. She can't remember a single thing about herself. Her sister comes to pick her up and take her to their childhood home where they both apparently live. Grace doesn't seem to like her sister despite the fact she's acting all caring and thoughtful. At the farmhouse, Grace wonders where her parents are, but yikes they died. And worse yet, the police show up and they inform Grace her boyfriend is dead, too. Get this, he was shot the same day as her accident. 

Throughout most of the story, Grace is out of it. We assume it's from the medications her sister is really adamant about her taking - like really, really adamant. Fortunately, we follow the police officers covering the case. One is a veteran and one is a hunky rookie with seemingly a thing for Grace. He keeps getting all hot and bothered about her like he has some secret he isn't telling the veteran cop. Cough, he does. 

As I neared the end, I became consumed with figuring out what happened and who did it. There's the weird sister, her recently shot boyfriend's secret life of gambling, Grace's nasty boss from the restaurant where she had worked and a clueless best friend. As it turns out, everyone has a complicated past. Not to mention, Grace's childhood was super messed up. Eventually, the sister goes psycho - who didn't see that coming? Grace starts remembering little by little and doesn't recall all of it until the end when you say, "No way!" 

Final Thoughts: I liked it. I liked it alot.

If you like to get totally immersed in a page-turner with a psychological edge, this one's for you. The writing seems to lift off the page and creates a movie in your mind. The characters and the setting are vividly described. Now, that said, the ending does leave your head spinning as if you've hit it on something hard. There's so many plot twists and secrets, I almost needed a flow chart. It did, however, make for a gripping read. I'll tell you, that last reveal at the very end, you'll kick yourself for not seeing it coming.

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Secrets, Lies and Apple Pies has all the same feels as Broken Grace (think sisters, car accident, plot twists) but with extra added humor.

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Going Barefoot in Greener Grass is nothing like Broken Grace. This is for all you readers who hate to be scared, but love to LOL.

Check them out and more at       

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