Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What Are You Passionate About?

So, what are you passionate about?

I came across this question as I was researching how to skyrocket my blog views. At first, it seemed like an easy one to answer. And then, I thought, "Hmmmm." (Keep scrolling down to the bottom for a spontaneous dance moment when I do figure it out.)

I've had to dig deep these past few weeks to keep a promise I made to myself. By the end of my children's school year, I would have fully completed the first draft of my third novel, How Lucy Got Lucky. Since then, I have maintained my focus and nearly reached the halfway point. Yay!

It hasn't been easy. I've learned after setting such a worthy goal, multiple distractions and waves of doubts find a way to set up every roadblock imaginable. We've all been there, right? The dreaded self-doubt followed by the inevitable self-sabotage. It happens to everyone trying to reach the next level whether within a career change or strengthening a relationship or getting into better physical shape. You've gone the miles or the hours, days, weeks, years. The finish line is nearer than when you started, but still elusively out of sight.

Lately, I've considered putting a halt on my aspirations to be a bestselling novelist and return to teaching. I enjoyed it well enough and it paid some bills. It could be argued that I could substitute and write depending on the day. But I know better. The truth is my writing would slip off the wayside if I went back to teaching in the same way summer vacation with my children will put a pause on cranking out enough words a day to fill a novel.

So, how do I validate continuing with my original goal that seemed so sparkly wonderful in January? A goal that now, according to my doubts and many opportunities for distraction, is starting to seem somehow unworthy. And then I happened on a question posed on an on-line series by platform building guru, Michael Hyatt. (You can check it out here.)

What are you passionate about?

Terribly, my first response was I don't know. Then, I thought about my children and my husband and my extended family and my friends. I'm passionate about my relationships with everyone I love. Thinking about my loved ones lead my to my big dreams. If I could find success as an author, it would benefit everyone.

But how could I validate being a writer? (Afterall, doesn't being a teacher seem like a more worthy career?) This question lead me to why I write. I write to entertain through humor and heart. I imagine my readers benefitting from the escape one of my novels may provide. I know I read somewhere that reading reduces stress and readers of fiction tend to be more empathetic. So, maybe that's it.

I'm passionate about being a source of sunshine and happiness in the world through my parenting, through my closest relationships and, yes, through my writing. (I do describe All Things Audry as a feel-good blog.)

So, maybe that's it! Yes, "Take your passion and make it happen." I'm feeling a spontaneous dance moment about to happen. Who wants to join in?  "What a feeling!"

(Hopefully, you will see a video here of What a Feeling from Flashdance. It's my first time embedding a video on this blog, so I don't know if I did it correctly. Fingers crossed! And if there's blank space and no video, dance anyway!)

Readers, it's your turn. Share what you're passionate about!
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