Friday, September 26, 2014

3 Quizzes: Which Type of Apple Describes You???
If you were an apple, what would you be???
Whether you like your apples baked in a pie,
pressed into cider, as an i-phone/pad/pod/whatever
or as an expertly written, page-turner of a
novel of delicious deceptions (ahem),
 you'll love this fresh picked barrel of apple themed quizzes!


Buzzfeed: Which Type of Apple are You?

Answer about five questions, many including animals for some reason, and botta bing, you get your answer!

I was the Pink Lady. As I once dressed up as Frenchy from Grease one Halloween when I was junior in college, I think the apple could describe me (or at least, me more years than I'd like to count ago!)


Reader's Digest: Quiz: What Kind of Apple are You?

I loved how they described their quiz so much that I cut and pasted their description right here:

"Are you a bad apple? The apple of someone’s eye? Sweet as apple pie? Apples can be used to describe several kinds of people – but which type of apple reflects your personality? When you check your results, you might be surprised to learn how apples possess many human-like qualities. Ready? Let’s see if the apple falls far from the tree."

I was a McIntosh which I think qualifies me a "good apple".  Today I'm going out into the world knowing I'm "refreshingly sweet"!


Blogthings: What Kind of Apple are You?

Don't have much time? This quiz is for you! Five fast questions. Ready, set, go!

And, my answer was ... Gala Apple. Yes! One of my favorites! I like it so much it's the name of one of my characters in Secrets, Lies and Apple Pies (available for  Kindle and Nook - $4.99 wink, wink). The quiz says I'm "cute and sweet" and "sassy and fresh". I love it!

So, Which Type of Apple Describes You???

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