Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hello October and Hello Friends!

I realized I haven't added my own post here on All Things Audry in like ... forever (or in a month which to me feels like forever)!  So, time to get something fun, humorous and potentially thought provoking up here.

I mean it's October already  - which is typically my favorite month.  I say typically because on the 15th, I turn 40 ... and all I can say about that is "Aack!"  I'm a writer and I should have something more profound to say than an utterance that is more of a sound than a word.  "Aaack!"

And I should be celebrating this milestone like that girl who did good deeds for her birthday and then posted her list all over the internet.  I started to be inspired by her list until I read that she was going to put away all the carts at Wal-Mart.

That's nice for her, but there's not enough hand sanitizer in the world for this "germ-a-phobe".  Then I think, a younger me wouldn't have cared about germs.  Then again, a younger me didn't have the glamorous life I have now.  I can't get sick when I need to cart the kids to soccer/dance and get done all those other domestic diva tasks!

Also, I wonder what a younger version of myself would think of the fact that getting a new washer/dryer was the high point of last month.  It was, though! The old dryer may or may not have briefly caught on fire.  So as I drink my coffee and write this post, I am spending this beautiful October morning gazing out at the early Autumn foliage as I eagerly await the sing song chime indicating the cycle is done which has replaced the old dryer's nerve grinding/coffee spill inducing buzzer.

So, anyway, time to write a new post here.  Wait.  All that up there looks like it could work.  Maybe I'll go with it. Or maybe, I come back here and edit the whole thing. (I did come back - look below.)  I mean, Wal Mart? Washer/Dryers? What has happened to me?  And why is there an apple on my head? Oh yeah, that was my son's idea ... and honestly, there was no drinking involved!

Hello, again.  So, yes, here I am the next day to do a little editing and to add one more important thing.  And that is, despite the "aack", I do - really do - like being my age and the age I'm about to become (cough- 40).  I like it because I'm able to do all the things I love - be a mom, be a writer, volunteer in my children's classrooms, bake, garden, watch Bravo TV while the kids are at school, pretend I'm a trophy wife ... okay I've taken it a smidge too far, but you get the point.  And yes, it's not a perfect life.  Of course there's always something I wish I could have that we can't afford or somewhere I'd to like travel if we had more freedom.  But, I wouldn't trade my smile lines or the few extra pounds around my waist to go back to my younger self.  Instead, I welcome the next decade.  I'm excited to watch my children grow, build my writing career and, most of all, enjoy the life I have now. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Audry! I enjoyed your post!

  2. I saw your post on She Writes. Please please do not pay those scammers $4000 + + to publish your books. There are so many free ways to promote yourself and get a fan base. Don't give up and put yourself in debt to a scammer, don't make them richer than they already are.

    Here's ideas on Absolute Write regarding ways to promote yourself (for free--also, if your books get 20 or 25 good reviews on Amazon, you might be able to sign up for a Book Bub ad, which is way more likely to sell you a decent amount of books, than to give $4,000 + to SheWrites. Book Bub charges around $650 for an ad--BUT they have almost 1 million subscribers who are all READERS, and their ad campaigns are proven to work--also there's goodreads where you can sign up as an author for free, and you can invest a paperback book in giveaways, which always works to gather fans and readers):

    In order to get several reviews (for either more sales, or to get a Book Bub ad later) you could sign up on Library Thing: On Library Thing, you can do an ebook giveaway for up to 100 readers in exchange for an Amazon review. Sometimes you might have to do this a few times to get the right amount of reviews, but it's way better than paying over $4000, isn't it? You could even try a sale by pricing your ebooks at .99 for a while. Try a freebie promotion for a month, you'd be amazed at the difference it can make.

    Sorry to preach. I just hate for anyone to get scammed. :-(

    Hell, send me a copy of your ebook. I'll give you a review and try to help you make some sales. I'm serious. (and I'll do it for free). I've read one of your ebook blurbs, and it sounds decent.

    'secondary' email:

    1. Thanks for the pep talk! Honestly, I don't have the money for She Writes Press and I might faint sending out that much money with no concrete clause that I'd make it back in sales. Still, I was curious. I appreciate your suggestions - I knew about Goodreads but not about Book Bub so much. And, I'd love it if you'd post a review for me!

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