Monday, May 20, 2013

Welcome Sharon Simmons and a Guest Post on "Why I Wrote Mom at Last"

Welcome Sharon Simmons, author of Mom at Last, and a guest post on what inspired her to share her story of hope.  And, exciting news, Sharon is giving away a free copy of Mom at Last to one lucky person who leaves a comment!  For a chance to win, comment here or on my Facebook Page: Audry Fryer, Author.
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As I said in last week's post, the road to motherhood takes many paths.  Thank you Sharon for sharing "Why I Wrote Mom at Last".

About the Author:

Sharon had a dream to become a mother which she was determined to follow. Her path was difficult but ultimately successful. Born in New Jersey and living in Delaware, she is married to her soul mate Rick and the very proud Mom to her two sons Dylan and Hunter.

Sharon struggled to become a Mom, dealing with the uncertain world of infertility including three In Vitro Fertilizations, Tubal Pregnancy, and the Loss of a Pregnancy with twin boys at 19 weeks. That loss only made her more determined to become a Mom. Thankfully that dream became a reality due to International Adoption.

Sharon is inspired to share her experiences, to offer insight, and inspire other women find their strength to achieve their goal of becoming mothers. Her passion involves using her journey to motherhood to educate and help women become a "Mom at Last." Her main message is to let women everywhere know that when you finally hold your child in your arms, no matter how that child became your child, you will understand and appreciate your journey to motherhood.

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Twitter: @momatlast   

Mom at Last: How I Never Gave Up on Becoming a Mother

By Sharon Simons 

With her biological clock was ticking louder each day, Sharon Simons felt her heart sink as yet another "Mr. Wonderful" turned out to be a frog--not the prince she was waiting for. But when the right man did come along, their journey toward parenthood seemed more like a machete trail through a jungle than the smooth path of her dreams. Enduring multiple failed IVFs and the loss of their unborn twins, Sharon and her husband decided to adopt--taking a whirlwind trip to Russia and navigating the rough waters of international adoption red tape. Their journey ended, or rather began, when two baby boys were placed in their arms for a long trip home.

Part love story, part adoption memoir, and all heart, Mom at Last is the story of one woman's fierce determination to become a mother. Full of setbacks and emotionally devastating pitfalls, ultimately the journey leads her to true love and pure joy. Mom at Last will inspire women who find themselves on that sometimes difficult journey to motherhood, giving hope that motherhood is possible and encouraging women to never give up on their dreams. While every journey to motherhood is different, Mom at Lastlets women know they are not alone in the struggle toward motherhood.

Paperback: 250 pages  
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing (March 1, 2013 Kindle version;paperback) 
ISBN-10: 1614484422
ISBN-13: 978-1614484424
Twitter hashtag: #momatlast

Mom at Last: How I Never Gave Up on Becoming a Mother is available for e-book purchase and print pre-order at Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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  1. What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Hi Becky! How have you been? Are you feeling at home in your new house? Thanks for commenting! Would you be interested in a free copy of Mom at Last. Let me know and I'll have Sharon Simmons contact you. Take care and I hope all is well with you :)


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