Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Backwards, Inside-Out and Upside-Down

Backwards is how my twin son gets dressed pretty much everyday since he started trying to do it himself.  Fortunately, thanks to today being “Backwards Day” at Pre-K, when he came out of his bedroom with the tag sticking out from under his chin, I declared, “Perfect!”  I wonder how long he’ll be able to stand his shoes being on the wrong feet!

Inside-out is how my heart felt this weekend while visiting a well-known Pennsylvania amusement park named Knoebel’s as I watched my children become zinged, spun around and lifted aloft.  Motherhood may have its rewarding moments, but it sure has sucked the fun out of nearly everything I used to find enjoyable … like for instance, wooden roller coasters.  They lost some of their appeal when I latched my oldest son into a seat and sent him clanking off into the great unknown!

And Upside-down is how I’ve been promoting my first novel after the fact of putting it up on Kindle.  Since the release of Going Barefoot in Greener Grass over a year ago, I’ve been reading up on the proper way to market an e-book … Whoops!  My original approach to getting sales has looked much like my twin son’s clothing on his first try!  In the spirit of being backwards, inside-out and upside-down, here’s my quick pitch:  If you consider Bravo TV programming worth your time and do not mind parting with $2.99, then you will find this novel a fine distraction and perhaps, darn entertaining.  See right sidebar for more info.

To all the Moms and Moms-to-be, Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. Oh that is funny. At least 2 of my kids used to try to convince me that they "liked" having their shoes on the wrong feet. So stubborn. And I think 2.99 is a steal for your book. I just started it, but I must say, I love your writing style! When I finish, I will be happy to write a review for you, if you find you can use it!


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