Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Is anyone else suffering from 80's Nostalgia?

This weekend, my husband and I took our kids to see the latest Muppets Movie.  My five year old twins were all for it, but my seven year old bawked, "boring."  My husband and I argued with him that we loved the Muppets when we were growing up, so it must follow that all three of our children would love them, too.  Heck, I don't dust off the old John Denver and The Muppets Christmas album every December for nothing! 

Sometime during the first half of the movie, my oldest son stuck to his guns and whispered, "See, I told you - boring."  Kermit was reminiscing about the good old days - you know, the late 70's and 80's.  That bygone happier time, so, so, so long ago. 

Hey!  Back it up a second.  I was alive back then (albeit a child and a teen).  When did the 80's become the good old days?  At the beginning of this year, the same son muttering, "boring", had asked, "You were alive in the last century.  What was it like?"  I replied, "It was the same.  Well, minus the internet and cell phones, but mostly the same.  Now, go build with your Legos or play with your Star Wars figures or go watch The Smurfs on Boomerang or help your sister with her Easy Bake Oven." 

So, I'm asking, "Is anyone else suffering from 80's Nostalgia?"  Post here or find me on that new fangled invention of modern times: Facebook.  Oh, how did we manage in the 80's without it?!?

One last thought:  On the Muppets' Christmas album, when John Denver sang, "Merry Christmas little Zachary", I guess that Zachary's now a middle aged man with a receding hairline and a beer gut.  Oh, where did the time go?


  1. I get it Audrey I also am a muppets fan and I play their Christmas album often. I never hear the 12 days of Christmas (no matter who is singing it)without singing in my best miss piggy voice "5 gold rings pa pum pum pum....."

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! It's been a while since I read this post so the reminiscing theme holds true! I, too, love that Miss Piggy part of the 12 Days of Christmas Song!


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