Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yes, it's been that cold!

I distinctly remember realizing on October 29th that all of the pumpkins we had grown in our garden were far too small for a proper Jack-o-Lantern.  I recall getting my oldest son off the school bus and rushing over to our local farm store.  There we purchased this big fellow in the photo.  I drew on the face, the kids contended with the seeds and "guts" and my husband (a lover of power tools) carved its features using a skill saw.  Four days later, I took the pumpkin out to the garden all the while apologizing to it for its time in our home being so short-lived (Ha! little did I know).  Usually we watch our old pumpkins put on their own type of gruesome Halloween display as they decay in a pile of mush  ... but not Old Jack here. He survived Thanksgiving and then, miraculously he remained in tact through Christmas.  I think we accidentally freeze dried our Jack-o-Lantern!  So, in the middle of January, I snapped this picture to record this bit of craziness for all time.  Yes, it really has been that cold. 
  I have proof!

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