Monday, January 31, 2011

My story

A long time ago,in what seems like a another life and during what I refer to as B.C. (Before Children), I had awoken most weekday mornings ready to take on a classroom full of children and a day's worth of lessons.  When my first child was born, he followed me to the daycare where I taught Pre-K.  And despite his many bouts with car sickness, I was able to arrive nearly on time most days.  Then, two years later, at an appointment during my second pregnancy, I learned that I was about to be a mother of twins.  "There's no way, I'll make it on time to work now!" I exclaimed as my husband fought the impulse to faint.   So, I became a stay-at-home mom and my husband became a work-aholic (he'll do anything to avoid a messy diaper).  Eventually, the extreme sleep deprivation subsided and my three little ones learned to work the t.v. remote.  Now that I had lost my precious talk shows, cooking shows and make-over shows, I needed something to keep my over active mind entertained.  I decided to write.  I had been jotting down poems and ideas for picture books for a long while.  But, I wanted to try something different.  So, little by little, in and out of the next two years, I finally had a entire novel saved in my Word Program.  And, I discovered that I liked working on it so much that I have begun a second one.  What's my motivation?  I really hate crazy mornings when I delude myself that I am able to somehow bend the rules of time so I won't be late again.  Maybe I'll go back to teaching Pre-K which I truly loved. But in the meantime, while the t.v. chants, "Come on vamanos," I've been enjoying my short commute to my laptop.