Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Those Lazy, Crazy Summer Days

The house is quiet - too quiet with the kids all back at school.  No one is fighting over the TV remote or leaving snack wrappers strewn throughout the house after consuming an entire bag of Goldfish.  I can walk around freely without fear of crunching down on a Lego Mini-figure or a naked Barbie.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s nice to have time to write, to read, to organize and to go food shopping without having to utter “No” repeatedly.  But, as the excitement and anticipation of a new school year and the promise of cooler days arrive all too soon, already I am missing those lazy, crazy days of summer. 

When I think of summer, it’s barefeet running through the dewy grass or flip-flops skipping across hot sand before being kicked off at the cool surf.  It’s lazy from the oppressive heat and humidity and crazy with activities designated only for the months of June, July and August: day camps and mini golf and backyard pools and public pools and baseball games and barbeques.  It’s traveling to destinations you’ve never been and returning to places familiar with warm memories.  It’s ice cream melting down the side of a sugar cone, cotton candy sticking to your fingers, caramel corn between your teeth and giggles of delight upon entering your children’s favorite candy store.  It’s cannonball splashes and afternoon catnaps in the back of the car on the way home.  It’s loud firework blasts and quiet blinks of lightning bug lights.  It’s a garden harvest and sunflowers in full bloom and too bright sunshine and long, low rumbles of distant thunder.  It’s bug bites and sunburn and sand in your swimsuit.  It’s cut-off shorts, favorite t-shirts, movie star worthy sunglasses and floppy beach hats.  It’s unscheduled and chaotic in a “What time is it? Who knows? Who cares?” sort of way.

Yes, officially summer last three weeks into September and we haven’t hit the unofficial end that is designated as Labor Day.  Yet, with school starting back up and lunches to be made and homework to be completed and organized activities filling up the calendar, something has shifted.  For now, I’ll sift through the photos and smile at all the fun while forgetting all the times things didn't go so well or quite as planned.  

On top of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina
And, I’ll dream about next year … when we can do it all again.  


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